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To aid in the awarding of scholarships, an established third-party assessment company, FACTS, will independently evaluate all applicants for financial assistance. FACTS will provide their recommendation on the amount of financial assistance required for each applicant. FACTS qualification for a particular level of financial assistance is no guarantee that such assistance will  be received. Applicaiton can be made online at or by picking up an application in the school office.

RCA Financial Aid Scholarships are only in effect for the given school year. Students shall reapply each school year. Students shall maintain a cumulative grade of “C” in all classes in order to retain the scholarship throughout the current school year. A student must also maintain proper behavior in order to continue to receive assistance.

"My family values the vital role RCA plays in the development of character in our children. Integrity is demanded, excellence is expected, and Biblical values are taught and modeled at every turn. The most common question people ask when they find out our children go to RCA is, 'How much does it cost?' We choose to explain not how much it costs, but rather how much it is worth."
~Michael Hall, RCA Parent