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Middle School bridges the gap between Elementary and High School. It is a time of growth, exploration and fun. At Riverside Christian Academy we emphasize spiritual, academic, social, and physical development during this crucial stage of a student’s life.

The classroom focuses on academic growth while under the close tutelage of compassionate teachers. Students are able to explore the Bible in a positive critical light as they naturally go through cognitive development. Emphasis is placed on appropriate priority setting, social development and time-management skills.

We encourage Middle School students to take advantage of the opportunities RCA offers and to stretch themselves spiritually, intellectually, socially, and physically.

Benefits of the Middle School experience at RCA:

  • A rigorous academic curriculum under the direction of caring Christian educators. Age appropriate coursework covers Bible, English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Students also have the ability to work in Art, Library Research, and Physical Education.
  • Close student-faculty relationships. Teachers are available for extra help sessions, and learning services are provided for students who need more one-on-one direction.
  • A strong sense of belonging. The Middle School  program at RCA helps create a special link to the  Riverside Christian School Experience.
  • Activities appropriate to Middle School. Middle School students are welcome to participate in art, baseball, basketball, cheerleading, cross-country, FFA, football, soccer, softball, student council, and volleyball.

The Middle School experience at Riverside Christian Academy is a fun time of growth and development. The program prepares student for the rigorous RCA college-prep curriculum they will face in high school.

RCA has participated in the Duke TIP program for over 10 years.  This program identifies academically talented 7th graders and allows them to take the ACT with high school students.  They also offer various programs throughout the summer that these students are eligible to join.