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The mission for our athletic department at Riverside Christian Academy is three fold. We strive to instill in our athletes the three ‘C’s of the RCA sports program. The three fold mission is the following: develop character, show forth class, and commitment to hard work.

First of all, we want to foster the type of character that would be pleasing to Christ. We look to Him as our ultimate guide and source and we want the character of our kids to reflect what we observe in Christ in the Gospel accounts. We emphasize to our athletes that your character is how you behave when no one else is around. Better yet, your character is how you react when outside pressures begin to mount. We want our athletes to react to pressures and successes in ways that would reflect the character of Jesus Christ.

Secondly, we want to show class in everything we do. Class in our athletes reflects how one presents themselves in day to day activities. Class shows through in how you treat your opponent with respect and how you conduct yourself in the classroom. Classy athletes are ones that excel in the classroom and shine forth in our community. We want our athletes to ‘grow in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man.’

Finally, RCA wants kids that are committed to their respective sport. We want our athletes to be accountable to their teammates and coaches by making every practice and competing in every game scheduled. Circumstances arise sometimes such as injury or death that would keep an athlete from the playing field or practice field but we are looking for a strong commitment. Commitment also involves participating in off season workouts and summer conditioning. Commitment means planning your vacations and trips around your athletic season. A Christian is one that is committed to hard work because we are to, “do all things as if doing it for Christ and not men.” We are proud of our student athletes at Riverside Christian Academy. Our prayer is that we mold our young athletes into the leaders of Christ’s Church that we so desperately need. We want our young student athletes to display character, class, and commitment in our sports program at RCA.

"We can drop our son off for football practice knowing that he will be coached by Godly men who will model and hold him to a high standard. We can allow our daughter to participate in cheer leading and look forward to playing volley ball knowing that modesty is the rule in all things. Academic excellence and extra-curricular success mean very little without the development of sound character and spiritual health. RCA is a place where character is developed and Christ is proclaimed."

~Michael Hall, RCA Parent