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Appalachia team returns home!

December 02, 2019
By RCA Missions

RCA Missions team to Sneedville, TN returned safely and ahead of schedule last Sunday evening, November 23rd. Not scheduled to arrive home until Monday, the team of 22 students, faculty and friends had accomplished all that they had set out to do despite the rain and cold weather and, so elected to drive home that evening instead of waiting till the following day. When they pulled into the school parking lot around 9:30pm, they were tired but thrilled with what God had allowed them to be a part of in Appalachia!

Teaming with 22 from Friendship Christian (Lebanon, TN), they delivered food for Thanksgiving meals to 47 families in and around the community of Sneedville. In addition they:

  • trimmed a tree; cleaned & repaired a shed roof & gutters and re-set the catchment barrel at one home.
  • Built a portch ralil & replaced boards at another
  • repaired a deck & added a rail
  • repaired a living room wall & patched sheet rock
  • repaired plumbing in two homes
  • replaced an electircla switch, repaired a garage door, installed a new stove & hauled off the old one
  • underpinned a home addition and added an access panel to the crawl space
  • Cleaned the yard of one family in difficult circumstances
  • removed and replaced half of a roof on one home; The weather did not cooperate, but the homeowner was left with materials to complete the job with the assurance from his nephew that he'd have some help!
  • Delivered diapers & toys to a family with 18 month old twins and a newborn
  • Delivered Christmas gifts to a family with seven adopted children
  • Worshipped in three homes on Sunday morning with families

What an amazing experience! Over the next several weeks, we will be asking students to share some of their experiences and how they saw God working through this trip. We thank all of the many supporters & parents who helped make it possible for these students (& friends) to participate and be blessed so abundantly by those we served.

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Sneedville 2019

November 15, 2019
By Bethany McGee

Riverside Christian Academy’s theme verse last school year was John 20:21, “As the Father has sent me… I am sending you.” 

“This verse means so much to our student body as we go to spread God’s love to everyone we come in contact with,” said Bethany McGee, an RCA Senior who participated in two mission school-sponsored mission trips last school year and is planning to participate in three trips this school year.

The RCA Family is excited to launch the first mission team of the 2019-2020 school year. The team will leave on November 22 to travel to Sneedville, TN for the school’s second mission trip to this location. Sneedville was the first trip put together by RCA Missions; Sneedville is in Hancock County, which is one of the poorest counties in Tennessee. The mission team will be staying three nights and is partnering with a group from Friendship Christian School for the second year. Eight students and alumni are returning for this trip. The team will be helping many families this year, including some of the families that the group helped on last year’s trip. 

“We are excited to be able to strengthen our relationship with the people in the community,” said Bethany. She participated in the Sneedville trip last year and is returning for the trip this year. 

The team will be working on many projects this year; including: underpinning an addition on a trailer, installing a new roof, cleaning a yard, and doing some minor home repairs. The largest project the Sneedville team will participate in is delivering Thanksgiving meals to families in need. In total, the team will be helping almost fifty families in Sneedville. Our mission is to spread the hope that is found in the Gospel to the people we meet.

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October 21, 2019
By Jim Black

Thank you for visiting RCA Missions' new blog! On these pages our students, faculty and alumni will be sharing their experiences with RCA Missions and the ways they see God at work in the various opportunities we are having to serve.  We hope you'll check back regularly to read more about what God is doing around the world and at RCA.

We are excited this year to be in the planning stages for four upcoming trips, the first of which is only a month away to Appalachia Country, Tennessee. Its is a beautiful region full of God's glory but also one of the poorest regions in Tennessee.  We will be meeting families and serving in the name of Jesus in a variety of ways. Can't wait to share more in the days to come!

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